Ing. Jaroslav Pulec

Ing. Jaroslav Pulec QR VCARD
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+420 48535 3408Postgradual StudentDepartment of Power Engineering EquipmentC01041


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  2. J. Pulec, J. Novosád, V. Vinš, P. Dančová, Experimental And Numerical Investigation of the Thermal Transition Area At the Heated Bottom-wall of a Horizontal Rectangular Channel, MATEC Web of Conferences, 328, 10 pages, ISSN: 2261-236X, [Online], 2021
  3. J. Pulec, P. Dančová, V. Vinš, Experimental Investigation of the Wake Behind a Cooled Cylinder, EPJ Web of Conferences, 7 pages, ISSN: 2100-014X, 2021
  4. J. Pulec, P. Dančová, V. Vinš, Survey of Experimental Channels Employed on Investigation of a Non-Isothermal Laminar Flow And Design Requirements for a New Experiment, EPJ Web of Conferences, 5 pages, ISSN: 2100-014X, 2021