Department of Vehicles


Section Manager

+420 48535 3154Ing. Robert Voženílek, Ph.D.Department of Vehicles
+420 48535 3376Ing. Robert Voženílek, Ph.D.Department of Vehicles


+420 48535 3376Ing. Aleš Dittrich, Ph.D.Department of Vehicles
noneBc. Martin KolomazníkDepartment of Vehicles
+420 48535 3153Ing. Tomáš PetrDepartment of Vehicles
+420 48535 3376Ing. Josef Popelka, Ph.D.Department of Vehicles
+420 48535 3155prof. Ing. Celestýn Scholz, Ph.D.Department of Vehicles
noneIng. Jan SvobodaDepartment of Vehicles
+420 48535 3131Ing. Tomáš ZvolskýDepartment of Vehicles
+420 48535 3376Ing. Tomáš ZvolskýDepartment of Vehicles